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Now We Know

by Go Van Gogh

Way Out West 03:38
Mr. Lobster 04:43
When the waters cold, drop the lobster in Still unaware his time is thin Once the gas is turned on, spark up the flame He barely notices the change in the game The temperature creeps up, a degree at a time Mr. Lobster is thinking everything’s fine Too late to get wise, to the temperature rise As the pot boils, Mr. Lobster expires Mr. Lobster, Mr. Lobster Ruled by thugs as bad as mobsters And us, like Mr. Lobster, stuck in the pot Won’t see what truth have been forgot Sold as news, each year with fewer views Heads they win, tails we lose Mr. Lobster, Mr. Lobster Can’t see the boss is just an impostor No pertinent fact No singular act Can push the train back on the tracks Lulled into slumber, by electronic wonder Temperature rises, Mr. Lobsters gone under Mr. Lobster, ruled by thugs as bad as mobsters Mr. Lobster, Can’t see the boss is just an impostor
Now We Know 04:26
Juicy Cumbia 03:21
All the pills for you to swallow Will be refilled for you tomorrow Pretty pills all blue and yellow To keep your disposition mellow Oh Wow it goes and never stops And on it goes and never stops And so it goes and never stops This bubble life that never pops All the rules for you to follow Leaves you feeling thin and hollow And any rules you chance to break Earns another pill to take Oh Wow it goes, and never stops And on it goes and never stops And so it goes and never stops This bubble life that never pops
Cool turns to cold As we come by hot on the cheap My time poorly spent With the company I keep If love is out of fashion If love is out of fashion If love is out of fashion Life loses its attraction Left off in convenience How I will feel What might have been Becomes just a kiss to steal If love is out of fashion If love is out of fashion If love is out of fashion Joy can barely happen All tied up in the trappings of passion My heart a prisoner of war Treating love as something to be rationed Ignoring what that love was for If love is out of fashion If love is out of fashion If love is out of fashion The heart becomes unfastened
Thirteen 05:22
The glass shows light On the Moon lit night There’s frost upon the panes As we hug the shadows The doorway yawns Lets out bits of song About rum and sugar cane Down the halls they echo First dance, fast dance Fills the wooden floor Slow dance, slim chance With the one that you adore Above our heads In crepe and red A fantasy delight Romance as paper flowers A teenage dream Of finer things To lift the common night As we climb the higher hours Next dance, best chance Can’t untie your tongue Last dance, last chance But out the night had run
Go Van Gogh 06:10
Making frisson in the mission at Revolution Café Fill it to the rafters, every time we play At Disco Volante, Oakland right downtown Everyone's rubbing shoulders to the Van Gogh sound Go Van Gogh, Gogh Van Gogh You best get hip to what we do now daddyo Not your mama's Go Van Gogh, not your papa's Go Van Gogh Lets all go with Go Van Gogh Playing two at once, Ms Connie rocks the sax Lets the competition know they better just jump back jack Then we are cruising in the country on slide steel guitar Mr Brad Bechtel's gonna light up this bar Chorus Jesse Jackson, he likes to vamp, he likes to shred Turns his amp up to 11, tries to wake the dead And on percussion, Dane and Joe, they rule any stage But catch them at the break, outside smoking that sweet gage Chorus Kingston Jamaica, down in Mexico Even Accra Ghana is gone on Go Van Gogh Now I've given you this message, as its spreading round the globe You can waltz your way to heaven You can dance right into heaven You can fly right up to heaven when you get gone on Go Van Gogh


In a better world this LP "Now We Know" would be the 2013 Grammy winner for best every kind of thing (cause what category could they possibly put Go Van Gogh in).
But to paraphrase Dr Frank "I didn't make him for the academy, I made him for YOU".
Much like our live sets, where we play to get the crowd moving, this LP is for you. To make you drive faster on the freeway (not in town please), clean your house more joyously, bounce down the sidewalk with even more aplomb, or just bring a smile to your lovely face.
The mix is a bit more on the Latin tip this time around, but we have not forgotten our Klezmer, Ska, Country Western, Surf, Balkan, Highlife, Rockin roots. So load it in, crank it up, and invite over the neighbors, cause there's gonna be a party going on.


released June 30, 2013

Connie Walkershaw - saxophones, vocals
Jesse Walkershaw - bass, vocals
Brad Bechtel - lap steel, dobro, mandolin
Jesse Jackson - guitar, vocals
Dane Pryce - conga, percussion
Joseph Chavez - bongos, percussion
Rick Brown - trombone

All songs written by Connie and Jesse Walkershaw
Except "Many Solos No Tapan" traditional, arranged by Connie and Jesse Walkershaw

Produced by The Walkershaws and Norman Rutherford
Tracked Mixed and Mastered in San Francisco
at Ear To The Ground Recording by Norman Rutherford


all rights reserved



Go Van Gogh San Francisco, California

Listening to Go Van Gogh is like traveling the world in your ears, as the band plays an eclectic mix of genres. Their music is like a gateway drug: Once you're hooked on Go Van Gogh, you might dig deeper to search out their musical influences. Go Van Gogh excel at bringing the party wherever they perform and have spent decades in the San Francisco music scene. ... more

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